Where there’s a Brogue……

There’s a Tia staring creepily in the window, drooling and twirling her thumbs. Okay, okay I’m not that bad. However, after roaming through Simone Rocha’s A/W 2012 collection online and seeing these awesome brogues strutting down the runway, I felt like I was personified in a shoe (I know it just got deep in here).

Simone Rocha silver brogues.

I started dreaming about these shoes, screaming “I will have MY PRECIOUS!” (A little Lord of the Rings for you). So I had to make a decision to go searching the inter-webs.  Low and behold, I found them all thanks to Aldo for $40. Check them out below!

If these are a bit much for your taste, have a look at these more understated brogues below:

1. Bronx Perforated Brogues, ASOS, $74.57.
2 & 3. MACAROON Lace Up Flat Shoes, ASOS, $58.00.
4. Pointed Tan Oxford, F21, $24.80.
5. Dr Martens Windsor Alfred Brogue Shoes, ASOS, $119.30.

Well, I hope this helped your brogue search. I can’t wait to style these things, maybe with my sequined beauty.



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