Craigslist Find: No Ordinary Chest

I used to think that Craigslist was the creepiest thing on earth.  I mean it was right up there with clowns and mimes.  However, I realized that if I wanted the stylish apartment of my dreams at a fraction of the cost I would have to put on my big girl pants, let go of my fear of being shanked and go searching.

I really wanted a coffee table that would do double duty, something that I could store blankets and pillows for my guest. So after scouring the internet I found this awesome trunk for $10!!!

$10 Craigslist Find

Fellow Follower: 10 bucks! Are you serious?!?

Me: I’m glad you asked! Heck yeah, am I lucky or what? Start searching!

I feel like this thing has so much character and I don’t even mind that it’s wicker, mostly because I’m going to paint and modernize it!  It took me a while to figure out how I wanted it but after doing my weekend browsing of the Apartment Therapy website I found this cool foiling technique done by a fellow DIYer at the Vintage Revivals Blog. Check out the article here.

Vintage Revivals Antiquing Project.

So, after giving myself a pep talk about doing this technique, I headed over to my trusty computer to do some rough Photoshop work (Beware: When I say rough, I mean rough).

Super rough Photoshopped Chest.

I first thought that it would be pretty sexy with a black high gloss paint on the wicker and foiling on the specified areas above.  However, after pondering for a bit, I realized that every big piece of furniture minus my revamped lamp and plum armchair is black, white or gray (my ideal colors). So, lagoon it is! Why not use the spray paint I already own to make something real purty-like?

I’m quite nervous about this one because I’ve never used ModPodge, so we will see how this thing goes.

Wish me luck!



3 thoughts on “Craigslist Find: No Ordinary Chest

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