The Reception Dress Revealed!!!!!

I’m proud to say that The Reception Dress was a hit!!!!  However, because it stormed so hard and the reception was outside I opted out of wearing high heels. Well, I guess I should cut the chit chat and get to the pictures but first I want to share that this dress has taught me a lot about myself.  Let’s name those things off shall we.

1. I can pose from the front and the back….

My sister and I.

My husband Joe and I.

The back of the dress. (I didn’t know that this was happening)


I’m awkward but the brogues and my vintage clutch looks nice.

Still awkward but a good shot of the jewelry.

2. You can’t take the tomboy out of me.

Shooting hoops with my little cousin Kenneth. The shot went in!!

Attempting a block in the dress.

3. My knees are old but I’ll still crouch to take a picture with my niece……

My beautiful niece and I after a long day of running, jumping, and kicking around the soccer ball.

…….and struggle to get up.

I’m smiling but I’m really wondering how I’m going to make it to my feet.

I hope you all enjoyed the dress and my awkwardness!



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