The Girl with the Leather T-Shirt

Words cannot express the love I have for leather, but let’s try to sum it up with a list:

  • I frequently wear leather pants (Warning: Wearing this item with a leather jacket and an edgy pixie will get you called “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”)
  • I own an obscene amount of leather jackets in possibly every genre
  • Also, thanks to a little thing I’ve discovered in Colorado called a clothing swap, I have doubled my amount of leather skirts (pencil, A-line, etc.)

However, although all those things are great, I’m still not satisfied with my collection of leather.  I have yet to find the perfect pair of leather shorts or the perfect fitting leather t-shirt.  So this post is me coming to the realization that I will have to make this top myself.

I started sketching a regular old leather t-shirt so I can figure out where I wanted the seams but then I thought maybe a high/low leather top would look pretty fabulous……but maybe a little heavy. So back to my thinking bubble happy place I went. Cut to another 30 minutes of sketching and I completely added another feature.  I finally got it stuck in my head that I wanted leather in the front and on the sleeves with a completely different fabric on the back and perhaps an exposed zipper (depending on the type of fabric).  CRAZY!!!!  This t-shirt will either turn out great or look completely crazy so a mock-up pattern is a must in this situation. Besides, faux leather isn’t cheap.

Back, front and side of the high low leather t-shirt.

I rummaged through my fabric and more choices came flooding in.  Should I do a black polyester, nude cashmere, striped modal, or blue chiffon?

Black Polyester Option. (Might substitute with a black chiffon).

Super soft nude cashmere option. (No zipper needed)

Blue & black modal cotton option. (No zipper needed)

Blue sheer chiffon. (Zipper needed)

Well, now that I have my options, this will surely haunt my dreams tonight. Wish me luck!

*Note: Unless stated otherwise, all patterns are hand drafted by me.*



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