Progress for “No Ordinary Chest”

I promise that I did not forget about my lovely wicker chest.  Between vacation, non-stop raining, and the heat wave I have not been able to work on it……until now!  I’m still super nervous about the antiquing treatment on the chest itself so I decided to paint the whole chest the Lagoon color just in case it doesn’t work out. Let’s have a gander shall we:

First coat of lagoon.

I did however, start the antiquing process on the legs and it went quite well after a few hiccups.  I was really having trouble in the beginning getting the foil to stick to the wooden legs right away so I changed the process a little.  Instead of just putting the Modge Podge on the legs, I decided to test if the adherence would work better if  you treated the wood and foil like a wall papering process.  And it worked!!!!  What started out taking me hours and a lot of curse words, went down to about 30 minutes a leg.  So, if you want to tackle a project like this and the products aren’t sticking, put glue on the foil as well as the wood.  Now how about we check out these foil wrapped beauties:

Stage one of leg antiquing.

Well, there is so much more to get done on this project so I guess I better come up with a game plan.

Wish me luck!



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