Craigslist Find: Modern to Vintage Dining Table

IKEA BJURSTA Dining Table $229

There is truly nothing better than a dinner party full of friends, good food, and lots of wine.  Sadly, I haven’t really had the opportunity to do this in Colorado but I’m really excited about starting the dinner party tradition back up again in Chicago.  This led me to another check mark placed on my apartment needs list.

I was so happy with my purchase of the vintage chest on Craigslist that I decided to give it another go.  I really wanted a round table, well I really wanted a vintage round table but I gave myself a budget so I just settled for round.  Well, I found the beauty above for $30!  That’s not even the best part, it seats 6 people so it’s perfect for my hosting.

Leaf added for 6 seats.

Now, I know that I said that I wanted a vintage table so after doing a little research at the ever so awesome home improvement stores, I knew that I could make this work.  To give it the vintage feel that I want I’m going to change out the table legs like the one below:

28in. Traditional Pine Table Leg

However, to keep the contemporary side of myself happy, I’m going to sand it down and paint it a bold color (I promise it’s not Lagoon).  This will surely take me out of my comfort zone because I am a black and white kind of girl but I’m super excited to see how far I can push myself.  This color is pretty bold, right?

Dining Table Color: Crushed Velvet

This is the easy part, finding affordable dining chairs will be the issue.  I have to stay on budget so I must keep my eye out for budget friendly chairs with character. Off to Goodwill!!!



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