The Wedding Recycled: Cropped Lace Top

Ughh, sleep depravity has been murdering my soul.  So, when this happens I don’t sew…..sorry.  However, the reason I don’t sleep is because I’m always thinking so that means more to posts! Right?

Let’s get to the real reason we’re here!

I went back to Chicago in May to see my family.  At my mother’s, I found out she had all of this left over lace from the my wedding dress (which she made!).

A little peek at the wedding dress.

When I first received the fabric, I wanted to make a lace coat but there wasn’t enough.  So, I rummaged through some old magazines for inspiration. I wasn’t really getting anything except peplum and I already had plans for that trend, so I kind of set it aside and forgot about it all together.  Well, after letting it sit in a fabric box for 3 months, I ran across an article in Lucky.  A cropped lace top styled 4 ways! Why didn’t I think of that? Check it out:

Lucky Magazine’s: 4 girls, 1 Lace Top

How about a closer look?

Bebe’s cropped lace top.

Well, I wanted a better look at this top because I’m not much of a cropped top kind of girl, but it was styled so perfectly that I could not resist.  After going to Bebe’s website and getting a closer look at the top, I instantly had the urge…nay….the obligation to make this top for myself.  There’s nothing I love more than pairing something girly with an edgier piece like my Zara studded boots. Ahhhhh, I can see it now.  So, I will be making a mock up of the top to make sure that it lays perfectly.  Then I will move on to the fabric below:

Left over lace from my wedding dress.

So puuuurty!!! Stay tuned!



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