Closet Slim Down: Part Un

I looked into my closet and I almost had a meltdown. Shirts were on the dress hangers and there were jackets on the shirt hangers!!! How did I let it come to this? Now before I confuse anyone, I sort my clothes in the following way:

  • White hangers- shirts followed by a color sort
  • Blue hangers – jackets followed by a color sort
  • Green hangers – dresses followed by a color sort
  • Sweaters, T-shirts, and pants folded on shelf (pants ordered by type)
  • Shoes on shelf by color

Well, I guess that I have subconsciously given up on this method because my closet now looks like this:

Closeted Mess


Well never fear, after noticing that I have about 100 items of clothing plus whatever is thrown about on my two shelves I know what I have to do now, a second Downsize Week.  Yes, I said second…..I have issues.

Now, I have already ordered these recycled black hangers for a less chaotic look.  Plus, I have made the decision to start hanging my pants again so I bought these little clippy doodads from Huggable Hangers at  Target to get me started.  This gives me a full week to downsize and donate…..I think I need a prayer for this first task.

Wish me luck!



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