Goodwill Find: A Chair Revealed

What a week off!  I have gotten so much done and have so much to do all at the same time.  I worked on the boutique’s website and even got a couple of prototypes drafted….how exciting!!!

However, before I get into a million different topics of my ever productive weekend, let’s talk about my revamp of the Goodwill chair.  If you remember from the initial post, it was a bit of a mess.  So I took the little devil apart and got to work.

First, I recycled the foam by giving it a deep clean and wrapped it with batting to make it extra comfy.

Also, because the fabric is a little on the thinner side I decided to add bleached white muslin before adding the fabric to give it a little more strength.

I reattached the seat to the frame and put the chair in action.  Now I have a desk chair where I study and code.  As well as a chair where I sew (because it’s so hard to roll a chair a couple of feet).  Let’s see this meadow green beauty:

How fancy is that?  Well, I need to go on the hunt for three more chairs.

Stay tuned!



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