Closet Chemistry Boutique Sneak Peek

Hello my loves!

Sorry I have been M.I.A for the past couple of days but I have exciting news!!!    I’ve been picking out swatches for the upcoming boutique and boy am I exciting to be sharing with you some of the fabrics that made the cut.  I hope you guys enjoy this sneak peak, check it out:

Would you care for blue mohair? Or….

Leather? Maybe…..

A multi-color knit that is sure to make an awesome statement coat?

Well, if you said yes to any of those questions you’re in luck because items made from these fabulous fabrics will be showcased in the boutique!  Also, because I have been slaving away making prototypes and testing swatches like crazy (the scientist in me LOVES this part), I have decided to share upcoming boutique items in my outfit posts.  Perhaps I will even allow pre-ordering :D.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, don’t forget to stay tuned!


NOTE: All leather items in the boutique will be man-made.  However, I will make sure it is the softest, most durable faux-leather you have ever bought.


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