DIY Jewelry: Chic with Curblink

This week has been terrifying and exciting all at the same time:

  • My insomnia is back in full effect…..but I can’t complain too much because I have gotten so much planning for the boutique done and some much needed reading in.
  • I am slowly growing a mullet because I simply don’t have time to get my hair cut….but I will have a wicked Mohawk for my Halloween costume tonight.

So, I guess good and evil are tied once again.  Except for the fact that my jewelry making supplies arrived today!

Good prevails! WOOHOO!!

Anywho, I am not really a jewelry person because…I’m lazy.  I never look for bracelets because my wrists are abnormally small and not having my sister to “borrow” from actually makes me have to think.  So I decided to get inspired much like I do for my clothing (it’s always Van Gogh).

I was checking out another fashion blog, Pearls and Peacocks, when I fell in love with this bracelet that was basically an elegant curb link chain.  Now, after doing some digging I found out that the bracelet was a David Yurman  piece and the one that I loved so much was $2900, go figure.  This little dilemma is what lead me to our first ever DIY and giveaway!

Now, I find that making jewelry isn’t hard but people have a hard time with the chain sizes. So, let me take the mystery away and give you the plans to a fabulous chain that you can wear 3 ways and can be completed in about 5-10 mins (for those with the kiddos). Let’s get started!


  • Pliers (two depending on chain thickness)
  • Twisted chunky cable chains (18x14mm)
  • Chunky curblink chain (14x11mm)
  • Measuring tape

3 Tips Before Starting

  1. Always use the ridged area of the pliers for less chance of slipping a damaging chain.
  2. Test opening a couple of links before getting to what will be the final product.
  3. Measure twice, open a link once.

Directions for “Boss” Necklace

  1. Measure 14.5 inches of curb chain (approx. 46 links) and use pliers to achieve the length leaving last link open.
  2. Measure 12.5 inches of cable chain (approx. 30 links) and use pliers to achieve the length leaving last link open.
  3. Attach each open link to a closed link of the opposite chain and close using the pliers.  Make sure the link in fully closed because the aluminum is sharp.
  4.  Super easy right? And you just made yourself three different necklaces in one.  Now wear that chain like the chic little devil that you are! Hell, while you’re at it make a quick bracelet with your remaining supply using this six step method:

Note: Because I love when people make their own cool designs I will point you to a plethora of chain choices here at Etsy.  I personally used the FindingBox and had a wonderful experience working with the vendor.



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