The Alexis Dress Revealed

Well I’m back from Chicago and I had a hell of a time with my friends!!!….minus the lack of internet. I spent most of Friday panicking because I didn’t finish the dress before I left Colorado.  However, I have the best mom in the world and she let me come over and use all of her sewing goods while keeping me on track.  Needless to say, I owe the dress being finished for the wedding on time to my mom. 

I finally got my mullet removed on Thursday so the pixie was back in action.  Also, because I never take the time to figure out make-up, I used Maybelline’s Expertwear Eyeshadow which is basically a paint by numbers system for the face…LOVE.  Now, let’s get to the dress I named after the bride. Check it out:

Then our buddy Ian made this photo “op” even more awesome.

I hoped you enjoyed this reveal and stay tuned for more!


****Thanks Ian and Kate for taking pictures!!!****


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