Checkers, Stripes, and Brogues


Sorry for the lateness of my second ever outfit post. However, I got the awesome opportunity to visit the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics today in Boulder and I’m so excited to say that my love for science has gotten even stronger after seeing the amazing things they’re working on.

Anywho, enough of my nerdiness, let’s get to the outfit for the day.  I absolutely love wearing a fitted blouse with a nice sweater when it gets a little chilly outside.  So, because I can’t get enough of stripes and checkers, I decided to add them together to make my fall cozy go-to outfit.   Then for added comfort, I utilized my brogues for the walking that we would be doing in the LASP facilities.  Comfy and stylish…I do declare!  Check it out:

Sweater:  Old Forever21 item, Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (similar here and here), Pants: ZARA, Shoes: Aldo (seen here)

I hope this gave you inspiration for mixing patterns.  Get ready for a DIY tomorrow!!!!



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