Closet Chemistry Love: “Wales” and “Boss” Necklace

I’m feeling so much better! I finally had the time to take a day off of work to rest and focus on getting better.  Also, the fabulous winners of my Closet Chemistry Necklace Giveaway gave me the kick in the butt that I needed when they sent me pics of them rocking their prize.  Check it out:

The “Wales” Necklace

Pearls and Peacocks


The “Boss” Necklace

My gorgeous sister



This leads me to more exciting news…The online storefront!  I have been slaving away at my computer writing code for my website and I can honestly say that I am nervous and excited.  As soon as I get everything up and running I will open up the opportunity for pre-ordering, including the “Wales” and “Boss” necklaces which will retail at $35 (shipping inclusive).

Now, because I will be moving to another state next Wednesday.  I will be finishing up the Kimono Party, doing a bunch of reveals, and hopefully throwing in a recipe or two.

Stay tuned!



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