I’m Back! With baby clothes?

Hello my loves!!!

I feel like such a jerk because I haven’t posted since January.  However, I was trying to be very studious so I’m sure you can be forgiving, right?  I’ve finally found a reliable vegan leather source and boxed out my schedule accordingly, so prototype production is back on.  However, this is not what this post is about.

Most importantly on the awesome news scale is that my sister is having her first child…..Mischa Morgan!!!! Soooo, because my sister loves gifts that are of the homemade persuasion I have decided to make my niece-to-be a couple of key pieces for her wardrobe.  Who says a baby can’t be stylish?  These pieces will most certainly be adopted from existing patterns because as I have expressed before, I know nothing about children sizes.

My hope is to make this little buttercup a super cute mod jacket adapted from a baby kimono, a tiered ruffle dress and leggings.  I’m really hoping that the small scale of the clothes will make this process go fast.  Check out the progress below:





Well I’m still in the design stages but I’m feeling confident that my sister will have these clothes in her hand by next Saturday.  Maybe, I’ll even have time to make prototypes too! Anarchy!

Have an awesome rest of your weekend…to the dress-form I go.



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