Fall Creation: The Leather Gored Skirt

Hello Loves!

I’m super excited to FINALLY have the time to make some proper samples.  I’ve been so darn busy that I seriously felt like I couldn’t take a freaking breather.  However, never fear my breather is here!  And yes, I am this corny in real life….jealous?

Anywho, right now I’m working on a beautiful gored skirt in my favorite fabric, vegan leather! Currently, all I have to do is add some seaming, the waist band, some belt loops and the necessary closures. Piece of cake, right? Right!(Self high-five). Here’s a sneak peek of this little work of art:

8Gord SampleCut


Now, after looking at my sample on Bertha I realized that my philosophy of having a limited number of pieces per item made has gone out the window with this particular product.  I’m thinking this will definitely be in the running for being a boutique regular.  If we really think about it, every woman needs an alligator printed leather gored skirt. It’s basically a scientific fact, but I digress.

I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peek and my weirdness. Stay tuned for my apartment in the last stages of the slowest interior designed space ever.



3 thoughts on “Fall Creation: The Leather Gored Skirt

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