The Apartment: Part I


I have been on vacation for about 2 weeks now and I’m pretty excited about the preliminary results. I went a little crazy at first due to not knowing how to vacation but I quickly directed all that energy into my apartment.  This is kind of a big deal for me because I have lived in my studio since December and it finally feels welcoming after 9 gloriously busy months.  So, here’s a piece of my home. Enjoy the gallery!

I wanted my apartment to truly be a multipurpose space that could be used for studying, as a sewing studio, to host friends, and, most IMPORTANTLY, to let me indulge in being a hermit from time to time.  I wanted a pop of crazy somewhere so I decided to use chalkboard paint to play off of the high gloss shelving on the main wall.  I traded my original kitchen table legs for something shorter and more sturdy.  This gave me a chance to add them to a console table found in the IKEA as-is section.  Also, thankfully my family does construction which means I got my hands on the loveliest little toy and cut my sewing desk down to a more appropriate size. The rest of the desk can be seen in the photos and will soon become an art piece. Oddly enough, most of my items are IKEA but thanks to Creepy Craigslist I have lucked out quite nicely in the price department. Which, thankfully, has steered me away from having a Fight Club moment.

I obviously gave into my monochromatic desires by sticking with black, white and grey ( I have no self control).  However, I did try to bring in pops of my favorite color, meadow green, here and there (but I’m growing).   I still have to create and hang artwork but overall the space is complete.  Part II will be giving you a glimpse into my kitchen and my lovely closet area……I might even do a video showing my favorite pieces! Anarchy and awkwardness, I know.  Please leave questions below and I will certainly get back to you.

Have a lovely Thursday and stay tuned,



8 thoughts on “The Apartment: Part I

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s chalkboard paint and it’s awesome because it takes no time to dry. Haha, I definitely have a closet, actually two. I just decided to display my coats and purses because they’re some of my favorite investments. I’m going to do a second part showing my closet and my kitchen.

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