A Letter from the Editor – MIA Explained & Site Reboot

I’m usually an extremely private person but since this is a blog and you take time out of your day to read The Closet Chemist, I feel like I should explain myself. Now I know I have been MIA since March, but between another cancer scare, a divorce, and other ridiculous happenings this year, I’m sure you guys can forgive me. Seriously guys, if I owned a dog it probably would have found a way to get out of my unit and make its way outside to get hit by a car…..Yeah, that ridiculous (it’s okay to laugh at this, it’s Hollywood script material). Thankfully, I’m a natural optimist and workaholic so I cope with things by the art of distraction and jokes. Meaning that I literally distracted myself by sewing a copious amount of things for the boutique, studying for the physics GRE, binge watching comedy specials and redoing this very blog. That’s right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The layout is completely different and new exciting things have been added.

Now, I really wanted to give this blog a reboot so I thought it would be fun to add some series that will challenge my style as well as my beauty routine like the Let’s Try A Trend and Monthly Beauty Buy series. Also, another new item to look forward to is the Shop category where you all can find the products that I am currently coveting including accessories, make-up and things from my boutique. Exciting right? Well I really hope you guys are and to make this even more exciting I will leave you guys with a look at what’s coming up this month on The Closet Chemist.


September Posts:

  • My Beauty Must Haves
  • Mushroom Medley Tostadas
  • 4 Important Tips Before Buying An Item That Needs to Be Fixed
  • Closet Chemistry Reveals
  • …..And much more

I would love to know what you guys think of the new blog layout as well as what you do to cope with a pile-up of bad situations.

Until we meet again,

Tia B.


3 thoughts on “A Letter from the Editor – MIA Explained & Site Reboot

  1. Sending prayers your way! Continue standing on God’s promises and know he got you in the palm of his Hands…This too shall pass…O;)

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