My Current Beauty Must-Haves


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I wanted to come back with something fun before I started throwing reveals your way so let’s look at some make-up!  Now I made my lazy lady confession a while back when I attended the Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show but I have made big strides and have been able to test out my make-up.  I usually go with a basic liner or mascara sans foundation but sometimes I do like to go all out, so here are my current beauty must-haves for a my everyday and more glamorous routines.

  1. Dior Show Iconic Mascara – Seriously makes your eyes pop and stays on forever (days).  This is a stand alone mascara for those that don’t have the time to put on eye liner.
  2. MAC Lip Set – Great Catch Lip Pencil, Call Me Gorgeous Glass Lip Gloss, Creme Sheen Lickable Lipstick **Christmas Event** – This is a go to color for me since I have yet to find a red lip stick that I love so I’m all for a pink lip! The lip gloss is the only make-up that needs to be reapplied quite a bit but the lipstick and lip pencil stays on all day.  This set is awesome because you can mix and match for color intensity. Check back during Christmas because for $40, it’s a steal.
  3. Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation – I was previously using MAC but it was just too heavy for me so I decided to make the switch. This is the lightest foundation I have ever found and you just put it on with your fingers.  It doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin and it will last you a long time.
  4. Essie Sand Tropez – I’m not a big nail polish person because I wash my hands an obscene amount.  However, this nude color is probably one of my favorites as well as the Licorice for when I need to get a little more dressed up than usual. For $8 and a quick walk to your local drug store it’s an easy choice.
  5. NYX Boheme Chic Palate – This one I got for my birthday and have been using it ever since.  I never use eye shadow for its intended purpose but I definitely love to use the palate to make my eye lining a little more colorful.
  6. MAC Blacktrack Fluid Gel Liner – I just got this in March but I love it!  It stays on all day and it’s a very deep black so it really makes my cat eye defined.
  7. ECOTool Brushes – I’m all about quality but I’m also about a reasonable price so when I decided to test out brushes, ECOTools was the surprising winner.  I thought there would be little brush hairs falling out everywhere.  However, after using this brand for over four years they have stayed sturdy.
  8. Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness Chap Stick – I take this with me everywhere I go. I naturally have a pink lip so I usually go for this over applying lip gloss every 3 seconds.
  9. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil – It’s completely sheer and it’s great for hot days when you can’t help but to get an unwanted glow.
  10. The Porefessional Primer – For very important events or photo shoots this really smooths things out.  It doesn’t irritate and it goes on very light, like my foundation.
  11. Eye Lash Curler E.L.F – It’s $1 an it does the job well. This is especially essential if you have naturally long eyelashes and you also have to wear glasses.

Disclosure: I am promoting these particular brands based on my own personal usage, no payment or deals have been made with any of these brands.


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