For the Sake of Transparency: Affiliate Links

I was listening to this wonderful podcast series by Elise Joy and a great topic about transparency with your readers came up. This made me realize that maybe I haven’t been transparent enough with certain aspects of my blog. By certain aspects, I mean affiliate links.  Now the last thing I want is the readers of my blog or Instagram followers to think is that I’m trying to bamboozle (or any other old-timey word for trick) them into clicking something where I could make a profit. So, for the sake of transparency, I do indeed use some affiliate links through Amazon.


Well for me it’s a big why not.  I use Amazon and MyHabit for a lot of my purchases and I have never been disappointed. So, all of the products that I add to my shop page are things that I think others will love and that I would most certainly buy myself.  I don’t get free products and I would never put something on my shop page that I wouldn’t actually purchase.

What does this mean for the readers?

Nothing really.  I’m sure you all have seen my Shop page of things that I am coveting or things that I love and I in fact do use some affiliate links through Amazon in that area.  However, I buy the products myself and I scour the internet to find these items so all you guys have to do is enjoy the page.  I will continue to post things with and without affiliate links but I’m not going to start trying to hit you over the head with purchasing these items.

The Shop page will be down today as it was brought to my attention that some of the links are acting wonky but I will have it back up tonight or bright and early tomorrow morning with all of the links working….and maybe some new things that I love.

I hope this was all transparent enough for you guys.



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