What’s Next : 2015 Goals & Plans

Happy 2015 everyone!

I wanted to quickly tell you guys what’s ahead for my life, my blog and my business.  As you all know, 2014 was such a stressful year for me but, as I said before, being a natural optimist and having my wonderful family around really helped me out in terms of keeping my head in the game. This led me to come up with so many ideas that I really want to get going for this year so let’s take a look at my 2015 goals.

For my life plans, I will finally be going back to my life before the hip injury and tumor (still benign!! WOOHOO!!).  That means running, working out and hopefully joining some club sport or fencing.  Awesomely enough, this part of my life will undoubtedly transfer over to the blog with a playlist and possibly a workout to accompany the post.  I also plan on spending more quality time with my family, friends, my boyfriend and my physics GRE study materials. PhD I’m coming for you!

For the blog, I will be showing a lot more outfit posts as well as behind the scene looks at the new pieces that will be added to the boutique.  I will be setting up a Pinterest account, having a new series called Restaurant Rehash, inviting my wonderful boyfriend in to make some cooking magic and I will be showing you guys my apartment makeover one project at a time. Sounds great! right?  Well I hope so because my last blog plan is even more exciting! Drumroll please….. I will be introducing my first sewing e-course that is guaranteed to make you catch the sewing bug.

Last but definitely not least, for Closet Chemistry. I will really be working towards collaborations with local artists in Chicago, building my inventory, making the website more user/SEO friendly and having my first Pop-up Shop in Chicago! So excited!! I really wanted to give people the chance to see and touch the clothes as well as give me the chance to meet the Closet Chemistry customer so this idea was a no brainer. As soon as the details are set in stone I will be making the grand announcement! Okay, just writing this is making me grin hysterically so I’m backing away from the computer…right…about….now.

I hope you all enjoyed this post with my goals and plans for 2015.  I would love to hear yours?


P.S. Although this will be my last post until February because I’m getting some wonderful posts ready for you guys, I will be pretty active on Instagram so check me out there...Maybe a  Super Bowl Recipe will be posted 😉 .


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