Beauty : Jamberry Review

Hey guys!! Today, I’m really excited to talk about a beauty product that I was honestly a little skeptical about, the Jamberry nail wraps.  For those that don’t know what a Jamberry nail wrap is, it’s an alternative to your regular old nail polish that you order from a consultant, like you would Pampered Chef or Premier Jewelry.  Now, for those that know me really well, you know that I really hate doing anything with my nails other than cutting them down. This is not because I don’t like nail polish, but because I’m the worst, John Ralphio style, when it comes to painting my nails. So, in hopes of finding a viable nail solution, I immediately jumped at the chance to review the nail wraps when my sorority sister, Kasia, asked me if I would be interested. As soon as I agreed, I received my black and white nail wrap samples (to keep it less obvious at work) and a full starter kit. That same day, I used this application process provided by another consultant on Youtube to test them against my Sally Hansen nail polish for a 7 day challenge. I took the pictures at the end of the day to show how the nails responds to a full day of wear and tear. Let’s take a look at the photos below:

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After trying the challenge, let’s just say I have never been so happy for anything pertaining to fingernail art. I’m extremely hard on my nails, so the fact that they even stayed on was a miracle.  I loved the prints available in the catalog and, most importantly, they didn’t look sloppy after I took the time to apply them.  This is pretty much the problem every time I paint my nails.  The removal was super easy as well and left no damage or extreme sensitivity. However, though they did prove to be awesome, I’m not going to sit here and act like there weren’t any cons with these nail wraps. For starters, it’s not immediately available.  I’m an instant gratification person, so I would really like to just go to a store or not wait a week for my orders to ship to me.  Maybe I’m spoiled by Amazon Prime, but it’s what I like. Secondly, the sizes are a little weird if your nails taper out because the nail wraps come straight edged.  If you’re okay with a little nail sides peeking out then this is not an issue, but if it’s something you couldn’t stand, think about if you’re willing to cut them to your specific size (use the painters tape method here). Thirdly, this is just a business pet peeve, but I truly don’t get why they’re selling nail polish if their whole business is to provide an alternative to polish.  I get that it’s “5-free” and supposed to last a long time but It’s kind of like me saying my mission is to make handmade items in the US but I start selling wholesale things from China as well.  I just don’t get it but to each their own; I digress.  Overall, these issues that I found were not deal breakers for me personally. The thought of having pretty close to perfect nails with an awesome design is motivation enough to go through the process.  So, like Suze Orman (played by Kristen Wigg) says, “This one is a buy girlfriend!”. Alright, while I crack myself up over here in Chicago, let’s summarize this review for my skimmers below:


– Lasts a long time
– Takes little prep work
– Great patterns and solids to choose from
– Cost-effective
– Can make your own custom nails


– Not immediately available
– Takes a long time to do two hands
– Sizing is weird
– Why are you also selling nail polish?

Would I buy them?

Absolutely, they stay on for at least a week with no retouches.  They have a lot of different patterns. And, compared to going to the salon every week, it’s pretty cost effective since there are at least two manicures/pedicures per sheet for $15 ($3.75 for 4 manicures/pedicures).  Also, they have a deal of buying 3 and getting one free for $45. That’s only $2.81 for 16 manicures/pedicures.

Are they easy to apply?

Personally I think they are very easy to apply when you follow these instructions.  However, know that they do take a while to put on but if you’re terrible at painting your nails this will pretty much be the best thing since sliced bread.

Would I recommend this product?

Once again, absolutely.  Especially for those that hate painting their nails, but like to have something better than just a solid color or an undone nail. If you’re willing to take the time to apply them, I don’t think there would be any disappointment on your end.  Also, I feel like it’s better than sitting in a nail salon.  I mean, the smells alone are enough to drive me crazy.  Also, it’s non-toxic, vegan and the removal only needs a slight soak in warm water, eliminating the need for nail polish remover.

This product was sent to me by Kasia,, an independent consultant for Jamberry nails,  If you do not have a consultant, I’m sure she would love your business and you can follow her Facebook page here for updates on new products and different specials.  Please leave any questions you have below about my experience and email Kasia directly if you want to get a sample, order or have general product questions answered. Also, don’t forget to follow me on WordPress and Instagram for info about my boutique, recipes and giveaways!



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