Hello Love Bugs! My name is Tia (yes like Tia and Tamara).  I was born and raised in Chicago and I currently reside in my beautiful birth place working in IT Applications.  I’m in love with physics and chemistry so the name of my blog is not random, it comes from the fact that I’m a big ol’ nerd and studied those two subjects at university.  Other than making clothes, I love a good concert, some Chianti and cooking for my lovely friends and family.  This blog will be an inside look at my design process and sneak peeks for my clothing line Closet Chemistry as well as a look into my different creative outlets.  I hope you enjoy and I would love to here from you all.

Email me at ClosetChemistry@Gmail.com

Warning: The Lonely Island, Doctor Who, and The Big Bang Theory shall be quoted regularly.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I remember talking to you about this being something you wanted to way back in high school in English class. I am super proud of you and I wish all the success in the world to you and your dreams.

    • Aww. Thanks Kendra! I wish you all the best too. It’s nothing I love more than opening up Facebook and seeing that all of the people that were a part of my life, at some point and time, are doing wonderful.

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