Beauty : Jamberry Review

Hey guys!! Today, I’m really excited to talk about a beauty product that I was honestly a little skeptical about, the Jamberry nail wraps.  For those that don’t know what a Jamberry nail wrap is, it’s an alternative to your regular old nail polish that you order from a consultant, like you would Pampered Chef or Premier Jewelry.  Now, for those that know me really well, you know that I really hate doing anything with my nails other than cutting them down. This is not because I don’t like nail polish, but because I’m the worst, John Ralphio style, when it comes to painting my nails. So, in hopes of finding a viable nail solution, I immediately jumped at the chance to review the nail wraps when my sorority sister, Kasia, asked me if I would be interested. As soon as I agreed, I received my black and white nail wrap samples (to keep it less obvious at work) and a full starter kit. That same day, I used this application process provided by another consultant on Youtube to test them against my Sally Hansen nail polish for a 7 day challenge. I took the pictures at the end of the day to show how the nails responds to a full day of wear and tear. Let’s take a look at the photos below: Continue reading


Throwback Thursday: Akira Fashion Show Style

Hello!!!  While I finish up the Three Ways to Style the Elle Quilted Tee post I wanted to partake in throwback Thursday.  So to throw it back a little,  I found some wonderful pictures from when I attended the Akira Fashion show and I just wanted to do a quick showcase of the beautiful women that I attended it with. So let’s check out the beautiful attendees:

Kanae CloseUp






And yes there is some Closet Chemistry love you see there with my Leather Gored Skirt as well as a cool tulle skirt made by my wonderful mom.  Absolutely love the styling! Hell let’s see them again.



I hope you guys enjoyed the outfits in this post.


My Current Beauty Must-Haves


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