My Workout & Playlist – Fartleking Good Time

Hey guys!

Today is all about getting fit!  That’s right, I’m adding a fitness page because I absolutely love working out. It’s the only thing that makes a normally hyper person such as myself feel more relaxed.  Also, being an athlete all my life, I don’t think it’s easy for me to get used to being out of shape. I mean I love getting my mind right with meditation but nothing can replace a good fartlek or longish run to and from Navy Pier. Coming off of this hip injury has been such a blessing and has gotten me excited to try new routines and get my tunes in order.  The featured playlist is part of my fartleking jams. I say part because I have so many playlist it’s ridiculous.  Sometimes it’s pure rock, hip hop, crappy dance music or a mix of all three.  I hope this playlist gets you amped and you are able to try out this awesome routine.

Note: Please consult your doctor before trying these workouts.  I’m am by no means a doctor but a blogger that is choosing to share her workout routine.

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