Drink of the Week: Blackberry Lavender Lemonade & Her Drunk Cousin

Lav_DOW It’s time for the Drink of the Week!!!! This weeks Drink of the Week is a great solution for dinner parties.  This is especially true if you have someone that doesn’t or cannot drink.  I mean, do you really want to leave the poor person with the option of drinking water only? I didn’t think so.  So, to rectify situations like this I find that the best option is to make complimentary virgin drinks to whatever alcoholic beverage you choose.  Now, this doesn’t have to be a completely different drink but a drink that will only be adding a slightly new flavor profile with the addition of some good ol’ boozahol. Personally, I love bourbon and whiskey so I decided to pair up the lavender lemonade with my favorite Chicago whiskey, Koval.  This pairing will go especially well together because of the honey substitution in the lemonade and the extra flavor dimension given by the roasted blackberries and mint.  But more importantly, this combination of virgin and alcoholic drink options will leave your guests that drink happy all while keeping your glowing pregnant sister from disowning you. Note: Makes approximately 1.75 Litres

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Drink of the Week: Pancake Breakfast Latte

Happy February!!! Or Snow Storm Monday…if you’re in the Midwest.

I wanted to start this week off by introducing my new Drink of the Week series where I will be sharing recipes from a different range of genres like cafe drinks to alcoholic party beverages. Now this came about after a combination of budgeting and trying to keep my dinner parties fresh. I’m not going to lie, going over my budget and seeing how much I had been spending on coffee was a little frightening last year…damn you LATTES! So, I decided to come up with some drinks that we can all enjoy at home and allow us to save some money in 2015.

Today, I wanted to start off with something simple that literally tastes like you’re drinking a big ‘ol plate of pancakes and in no way is that depressing. For my lattes, I use my Bialetti stovetop espresso maker and an Epica milk frother/heater carafe (links also in shop). However, the really important thing to get is an espresso maker because you can easily get some hot foamy milk goodness by whisking it via stovetop. Let’s get caffeinated!!

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